AC62 Wing Control

Rhino Grasshopper

Stretch - 25 June 2014

At forty-four degrees difference between top and bottom ends, that's an average of eleven degrees "twist" per flap (~25'), or about one degree of rotation per intermediate section in Version 3, every ~0.77 meters (~30").

GH script to compare the length of the flap trailing edges (the red lines) when they are flat vs. "twisted", using -26 degrees at bottom to +18 degrees at top. Twisted, they stretch between 0.4" (top) to 1.1" (bottom), or about 0.3% to 0.4% longer.

Updated to measure both length of trailing edge (slightly longer as an arc than straight lines) and surface area of flaps. Flap surface areas shown are for one side only ("Area"/2).

48 square inches on a flap that is ~25' tall by ~10' fore/aft isn't much stretch at all. 48 sq.inches divided by ten feet is a gap of less than ~1/2" average? One inch at the trailing edge, zero at the axis? Intriguing... "easy" to fill that gap.