Hanalei Colony Resort (HCR), Haena, Kauai, Hawaii

3D geo-referenced site model using SketchUp

Model Notes, Feb 8, 2011

Full 3D model stats (numbers in parentheses are for one building; the model total/13):

HCR_0208 (/13) - Edges: 170,602 (13,123) - Faces: 63,590 (4,892)

With all balusters reduced to 2D (a single surface instead of four!):

HCR "thin" (/13) - Edges: 95,514 (7,347) - Faces: 32,000 (2,462)

The pier model, 525' long, is almost twice as complex as one building at HCR, so looks "Moderate" compared to the HCR model, which has ~7 times as many faces:

Pier - Edges: 11,372 - Faces: 4,662

Hanalei Colony Resort (HCR.com)

The current version of this model is in Sketchup 3D Warehouse, though it had to be split into eleven seperate models before it was accepted to Google Earth.

View HCR in Google Earth (HCR.kmz) - Use 'View | Sidebar', then make sure the box is checked for "3D Buildings", under "Layers".
NOTE: If you clicked "Save" instead of "Discard", after viewing an earlier version in a .kmz file, you may have unintentionally saved an earlier view of this model in your Google Earth "My Places", which will also conflict with viewing a newer version. In the side bar, right click on the saved model in "My Places", then delete the earlier version.