Speer Proa 3-series foils

Rhino Grasshopper

This section is based on "Sections for Proa Boards and Rudders" by Tom Speer.

Grasshopper can read data from external text files so I used Tom Speer's Proa 3-series coordinate files (converted to "clean" .csv format) to generate the full series of cross-sections (interactive viewer).

The next step was to extrude these foil sections along lines and curves:

And finally, to scale the foil cross-section in a controlled way along the length of the guide curve:

The image below is a Speer Proa 3-Series P30208 section T-foil with a 30" chord, a horizontal span of 5+ feet, two ~12" vertical tips and a P30008 section vertical strut with 24" chord:

Interactive animations: anim #1, anim #2, anim #3, anim #4, anim #5, anim #6

Speer Proa 3-series coordinate data in .csv format:
TableC1_P30008.csv, TableC2_P30010.csv, TableC3_P30012.csv, TableC4_P30108.csv, TableC5_P30110.csv, TableC6_P30112.csv, TableC7_P30208.csv, TableC8_P30210.csv, TableC9_P30212.csv.